Try me I'm "KING-KEY", I like to give the opposition a real spanking!

I keep in stock a large range of Watch Batteries (both Silver oxide & Lithium), a fitting service always available, while-u-wait.

I will mainly use  a Swiss made Battery as these are considered the best, or a certain Japanese make of equal quality, but will never use cheap batteries, that are coming over from the Far East.

These batteries can also be used in Travel Clocks, Toys, Scales, Precision Instruments and Car Alarm and Remote Fobs.

Watch Straps, with most sizes in stock, many other colours can be ordered, along with EXPANDABLES, EXTRA LONG, METAL BRACELETS, NYLON, VELCRO, PLASTIC, WATERPROOF, EXTRA WIDE AND HYPO-ALLERGENIC.

Available is a WATCH REPAIR SERVICE, for jobs ranging from a new Watch Glass to a Complete  Overhaul or New Movement, done by a Qualified Horologist, with over 70 years experience in the Business.