Try me I'm "KING-KEY", I like to give the opposition a real spanking!


Keys ..boring, no , not at  King-key!

With around 250 different coloured and patterned designs, including Disney,Football Clubs, Betty Boop, Snoopy, Garfield, Winnie the Pooh,   Hello Kitty, Muppets, Keep Calm & Carry On, Flag Keys, Animals, Zodiac ,Optikeys, GlowKeys, Simpson and Elvis Keys, there's something for everyone.

These Flag-keys below are some that I had specially commissioned for myself, after customers asked me for certain countries flags. These are priced between £6 - £7 each.

Here are even more that I had made up and have proved to be very popular as well.

You can have your own Logo or design on your keys, with a minimum order of 10 (subject to copyright).